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Credit Repair Australia offers a range of business debt solutions to help you take control of your company’s debt.

Creditor Negotiation for Business

A creditor negotiation allows Credit Repair Australia to renegotiate the terms of a credit contract to make them more affordable, extend the terms or reduce the interest payments. A creditor negotiation is an arrangement with your company’s secured and/or non-secured creditors.

Small Business Restructuring

From January 2021, new regulations will allow small to medium businesses with debts under $1M to restructure their debts whilst continuing to trade. A registered practioner will work with the business to determine what repayments it can afford and then liaise with creditors for both secured and un-secured debts.

Moratorium for Business

If your business is having trouble paying debt or keeping up with repayments, Credit Repair Australia can assist in negotiating a moratorium. A moratorium is where a creditor allows you to reduce or freeze payments for a short period of time (usually between 3 – 6 months).

Voluntary Administration for Business

Voluntary administration is the process of appointing a Voluntary Administrator to a business in an attempt to restructure the financial affairs of that business; so if your business is experiencing cash flow problems, can’t meet its debts or pay its bills then voluntary administration may be the answer.

The appointed administrator will work closely with your company’s directors to explore a range of available options from entering into a Deed of Company Agreement right through to selling the company or placing it into liquidation.

Business Liquidation

If a company is unable to trade out of its debt, Credit Repair Australia may be able to assist with liquidating assets before the directors become personally liable for the debts. Liquidation is the process of appointing a registered liquidator to wind up a company’s financial affairs and ensure the fair distribution of the company’s assets to creditors.

There are number of different types of liquidation, including:

Voluntary liquidation for insolvent companies – usually commenced by the directors and/or shareholders when they cannot meet their financial obligations

Court appointed and official liquidators – usually when a creditor applies to the court to have the company wound up

Provisional liquidation – when a court appoints a provisional liquidator to protect the assets of the company

Members voluntary liquidation – the liquidation of a solvent company by its directors and/or shareholders

Business Tax Debt

If your company is experiencing problems with tax debts, Credit Repair Australia offer a number of options to help dissolve the debt before the directors become personally liable.

If your company director/s have received an official penalty notice from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that can see them become personally liable for company debt, contact our experienced business debt consultants today to discuss your options.

Business Corporate Funding

Credit Repair Australia offer a number of options to help businesses source funding to refinance existing debt or obtain finance in order to grow the company. These options may include debtor funding through a loan or promissory note, capital raising through the issue of securities, or a combination of both.

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